Essential Information About Our Sewing Classes

Sewing Classes SewHo Winter and Spring after school program: Starts Jan 15TH 2024

*2024 Winter & Spring, After-School Program, starts Jan 15 through June 26, 2024. Monday–Friday, 4:–6:00, Weekends 10-12:00, 1-3:00 and 3-5:00

This program teaches you the fundamentals of sewing while you work on creative projects with other kids your age. If this is your first time sewing, we’ll start you off with some great beginner projects. And if you've been sewing for a while, we’ll challenge and develop your skills.

Our Kids After School program (ages 8–18) includes all your fabric and supplies.

PROJECTS: Both newbies and repeat students will do a brand new, unique project each week. Some of the projects will include pillows, trendy fashion accessories, backpacks, school accessories, simple fashion t-shirts, leggings, and much more.


  • Sewing machine basics
  • Hand-sewing techniques
  • Tools and terminology
  • Stitches: regular stitch, topstitch, edge stitching, basting
  • Seam finishes: serging, over-edge zigzag
  • Working with various materials
  • Understanding measurements


$275.00 fee monthly / 4 weeks / 2 hrs. each class, once a week

$825.00 fee semester / 12 weeks/ 2 hrs. each class, once a week



Sewing classes closed for:     

Summer Brake 2024

After-school classes will be closed starting June 29

through Sep 9th, 2024                                                                          

*2024 Sewing Camp, Day and Weekly/Spring Recess, and Summer Vacation – 10:-2:00, Monday–Friday:

PROJECTS: Kids learn a variety of hand- and machine-sewing skills while they make fun pillows, handbags, stylish outfits, fashion accessories, American doll apparel, and much more. Every day, kids will take home their daily creations.

**2024 Spring Break Camp, Monday–Friday

February2/19-2/23 Time 10:-2:00
March3/18-3/22 Time 10:-2:00 3/25-3/29 Time 10:-2:00

**2024 Summer Camp, Monday–Friday

6/17 - 6/21 Time: 10:-2:006/24 - 6/28 Time: 10:-2:00


$875.00 Fee, Week Camp

$175.00 Fee, Day Camp 4hrs

7/1 - 7/5 CLOSE7/8 - 7/12 Time: 10:-2:007/15 - 7/19 Time: 10:-2:007/22 - 7/26 Time: 10:-2:007/29 - 8/2 Time: 10:-2:00


$875.00 Fee, Week Camp

$175.00 Fee, Day Camp 4hrs

7/29 - 8/2 Time: 10:-2:008/5 - 8/9 Time: 10:-2:008/12 - 8/16 Time: 10:-2:008/19 - 8/23 Time: 10:-2:008/26 - 8/30 Time 10:-2:00 (Last week of Summer Camp)


$875.00 Fee, Week Camp

$175.00 Fee, Day Camp 4hrs


  • Sewing machine basics
  • Tools and terminology
  • Stitches: regular stitch, topstitch, edge-stitch, basting
  • Seam finishes: serging, over-edge zigzag
  • Working with various materials

FOOD: Healthy daily snack is provided


Space is limited, so please register early. 10% Deposit to save your week or day.
10% Deposit non-refundable when canceling ten days before camp.

*Mommy & Me (6–13+) – Privet As Requested Hrs.

Sewing has traditionally been a skill passed on from generation to generation.
And we’d like to bring that back! What better way to spend time with your child than to do something hands-on and creative while you learn a new skill? In this class, you and your cutie (ages 6-13+) will learn basic sewing techniques and make projects together!

PROJECT: Classic hobo bag to hold sewing goodies and supplies and a fun decorative pillow (you’ll make one side and your child will make the other side) Let's have fun together!


  • Sewing machine basics
  • Tools and terminology
  • Stitches: regular stitch, topstitch, edge-stitching, basting
  • Seam finishes: serging, over-edge zigzag
  • Working with various materials



$575.00 fee for 4 Lessons once-weeks / 2 hrs. each class once a week

*Birthday Parties / 2 1/2 hrs. – Sundays only, 10:00–12:00 and 2:00–4:00

Kids will have a very special birthday at SewHo; this event offers fun projects that can be modified for age groups starting at 6 years.
The children design unique sewing projects they can be proud of while they are learning a new skill.

PROJECTS: Decorative pillows, headbands, bracelets, belts, all pre-cuts and iron fabrics, trims, and embellishments to make your projects even more special.


All materials (parents supply birthday cake), no need to provide a “goodie bag” since their project is the take-home gift.


$800.00 / 2 1/2hrs (6 to 8 kids minimum)

*Adults and Kids Private lessons / 2 hrs. – (please inquire about Time and dates available)

Imagine learning just what you want in one-on-one sessions with an experienced teacher. At SewHo, you can sign up for classes designed around your interest and sewing level. The lessons will be designed especially for you so that you can meet your personal goals.

You can learn:

  • Sewing machine skills while making a simple blouse.
  • Basic alteration of either store-bought clothes or sewing patterns.
  • How to choose a sewing pattern that fit and flatter any figure.
  • Garment construction techniques, such as interfacing, buttonholes, and seam finishes.


$150.00 / flexible times are arranged to fit your schedule.

*Note: After you have chosen your program, please register.
You will receive an e-mail to confirm your program.

Cancellation for Kids/Teen Classes, Camps, and Workshops:

We require at least 5 students to run a class.

In the event you need to cancel enrollment:
* A full refund is granted if cancellation is made more than 25 days before the start of the class.
* 50% of the class fee will be refunded if cancellation is made between 25 and 15 days before the start of class.
*NO REFUNDS are granted for any cancellation made less than 15 days from the start of class.

No refunds or prorated credit will be given for late arrivals and no-shows.